17-4 PH

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17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Delta Fastener Corp. can provide a wide variety of 17-4PH fasteners including; 17-4PH nuts, 17-4PH bolts, sockets, washers and more 17-4PH fasteners. If we do not have your 17-4PH fasteners in stock (Inch or Metric) we can have these manufactured to your specification.

Material Notes:

Precipitation-hardening stainless steel. Offers a good balance between corrosion resistance and strength. Magnetic. Hardenable to various strength levels and hardness by varying the aging heat treat temperature. Typically provides better corrosion resistance than the 400 series stainless steels, and better strength than the 300 series stainless steels. Often used for aircraft, dental, marine, medical, surgical, and applications where high levels of strength and hardness, and good corrosion resistance is required.

Nominal Composition by Percent

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CMnSi PS CrNiCu Columbium plus Tantalum
Min---- - %
Max.0711.0.04 .0317.505.005.000.45 %

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Condition Ultimate
Tensile Strength (PSI)
0.2% Yield Strength (PSI) Elongation (% In 2in.) Reduction
Of Area (%)
Hardness Brinell Hardness Rockwell
H900190,000170,0001040 388C40
H1025155,000145,0001245 331C35
H1075145,000125,0001345 311C32
H1150135,000105,0001650 277C28
H1150-M115,00075,0001855 255C24
H1150-D125,000105,0001650255 min - 311 maxC24 - 33

Information provided by MatWeb, BestStainless and AK Steel.

Disclaimer: The dimensions listed are for reference only. Sizes not listed may be available off the shelf or can be manufactured to customer requirements.

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