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Delta Fastener Corp. can provide a wide variety of fasteners including; hastelloy nuts, hastelloy bolts, sockets, washers and more in Hastelloy. If we do not have your hastelloy nuts and hastelloy bolts in stock (Inch or Metric) we can have these manufactured to your specification.

Material Notes:

Hastelloy is the registered trademark name of Haynes International, Inc. The trademark is applied as the prefix name of a range of twenty two different highly corrosion-resistant metal alloys loosely grouped by the metallurgical industry under the material term "superalloys" or "high-performance alloys".

The predominant alloying ingredient is typically the transition metal nickel. Other alloying ingredients are added to nickel in each of the subcategories of this trademark designation and include varying percentages of the elements molybdenum, chromium, cobalt, iron, copper, manganese, titanium, zirconium, aluminum, carbon, and tungsten.

The primary function of the Hastelloy super alloys is that of effective survival under high-temperature, high-stress service in a moderately to severely corrosive, and/or erosion prone environment where more common and less expensive iron-based alloys would fail, including the pressure vessels of some nuclear reactors, chemical reactors, distillation equipment and pipes and valves in chemical industry. Although a super alloy, Hastelloy does experience degradation due to fabricating and handling. Electropolishing or passivation of Hastelloy can improve corrosion resistance.


The following Hastelloy alloys have been produced, however production of some may have been discontinued:

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Composition of various hastelloy alloys
Alloy Co Cr Mo W Fe Si Mn C Ni Others
B-2 1* 1* 30 - 2* 0.1* 1* 0.01* Balance -
B-3 3* 1.5 30.5 3* 1.5 0.1* 3* 0.01* 65 min. Ti-0.2*
C-4 2* 16 16 - 3* 0.08* 1* 0.01* Balance Ti-0.7*
C-2000 2* 23 16 - 3* 0.08* - 0.01* Balance Cu-1.6
C-22 2.5* 22 13 3 3 0.08* 0.5* 0.01* Balance V-0.35*
C-276 2.5* 16 16 4 5 0.08* 1* 0.01* Balance V-0.35*
G-30 2* 30 5.5 2.5 15 1* 1.5* 0.03* Balance Nb-0.8*, Cu-2*
N 0.2* 7 16 0.5* 5* 1* 0.8* 0.08* Balance Al+Ti-0.5*, Cu-0.35*
W 2.5* 5 24 - 6 1* 1* 0.12* Balance V-0.6*

• 1 The undiluted deposited chemical composition of covered electrodes of some of these alloys may vary beyond the limits shown.[2]

• *Maximum

Reference - Wikipedia

Disclaimer: The dimensions listed are for reference only. Sizes not listed may be available off the shelf or can be manufactured to customer requirements.

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